You can never go wrong between Tableau, Power BI, Qlik and Microstrategy.

Business Intelligence Tool is designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence. Business intelligence tools come with their own unique requirements that need careful attention, detailing and advanced technology that can generate useful insights.

I believe the best business intelligence tool should have the following features and capabilities:

Apply: Rapidly turn your mountain of data into insights

• Powerful Data Lake

• Collect all the data, external or internal, streaming or static into one place – premise or cloud

• Structure the Unstructured data – derive insights from all your data, with structured and unstructured data integrated together

• Provide easy access to the data through “English language like query”

• Reduce the total cost of ownership across the hardware, human resources and data

• Knowledge Lifecycle Management

• Information Security and Governance

• Analysis-Ready, Cleansed Data

• Enable Easy data ingestion from any source and move only relevant data

• Orchestrate the entire data preparation process with little human touch

• Drag and Drop models, visually and create an insight pipeline on your Unified Data.

• Develop one model and use repeatedly across your enterprise

• Predictive models built using tools like R, SAS, SPSS etc. can be migrated to the business intelligence tool to run at a scale on whole universe of data

Scale: Create Data and Insight Pipeline Without Worrying About Scale

• Horizontal scalability at the Data Lake/Data Storage level

• Each execution of models can be elastically scaled execution models upwards or downwards elastically depending on the availability of resources and SLAs

• Scale models developed in other languages like R, SAS etc at ease

• Storage level horizontal scalability, either on premise or cloud of choice

• Dynamically increase or decrease the services using technologies like kubernetes and dockers

• HCreate hybrid cloud infrastructure to, where enterprise data remains within the four walls and can leverage both internal and the external data to be analysed in the cloud, and marrying together to get more insights

• APIs around the functionality for fast data execution so that enterprise can develop their cognitive applications faster

According to Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant:

Power BI is the leading BI tool followed by Tableau and Qlik sense.

As per my knowledge since I have hands-on all three tools, Power BI is a great BI tool having flexible ETL features with great Visualization.

Still Tableau can be considered as an amazing Data Visualization tool.

Where if you are a Data engineer looking to work with ETL Data modelling, go for Qlik.

Power BI is one of the best BI Tools

Power BI is a powerful ecosystem of business intelligence tools and technologies from Microsoft. It provides actionable information about your company’s data through appealing dashboards and visualizations. To present insightful visualizations.

While some business tools require specialized skills, Power BI is Microsoft Excel of the new world of advanced data visualizations, data mining, and machine learning; that is, it’s a powerful tool that anyone can use. Importing data is not enough, you must mold it into structures that are ideal for business analysis. You no longer have to rely on the IT department for everything you need. Despite its great power, Power BI brings analytic and business intelligence to the desktops and smartphones of business people, not just IT professionals.

If you are not satisfied with just being a Power BI beginner and want to become a Power BI master, this course will provide the knowledge and insights you will need.

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